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What's the Brand Voice Builder?

Have you ever seen a logo, immediately recalling their jingle or tagline? That’s a brand voice. It’s everything from the words and language used to the personality and image your marketing campaigns and creatives display. In a nutshell, the brand voice is the tone of how you want your audience to see you (the brand).

Let’s back up a minute – what is a brand? It’s not just beautiful logos and pretty colors. A brand is an artificial person with unique characteristics. That’s why it needs a voice – so your audience can recognize that personality when interacting, whether it’s over the phone, on a billboard, in an email or on social media.

The BRAND VOICE BUILDER helps find, define, refine and deliver your brand's voice the right way.


We offer a suite of training tools and courses to help reach your destination:

Convert with Copy

A two-week course that evaluates what you write, provides tips and tricks to land that customer, and a brief overview of brand voice.

Get Social!

Writing for social media isn't as easy as you think! We help you with clarity to get your message across the right way. With social, less is more.

Write it Right

You know what you want to say but can't quite grasp the words, or maybe you're being too wordy. We show  you how to say it the right way.

Our CORE, intensive program

This 6-week program takes you through the process to ensure every element of your brand is clear and consistent – because it does matter.

In the program you’ll learn how to:

  • Describe your brand voice in three words

  • Create a brand voice chart

  • Learn what words to use and which ones to avoid

  • Understand your brand personas

  • Create brand voice guidelines for anyone who works for your brand

Five (5) one-on-one brand voice builder calls are included, a workbook, worksheets and more.

Ready to get started?

Let's tell your story - see you soon!


by The Write Mixx

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