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Cohesive and Consistent: How’s Your Brand Voice?

It doesn’t matter if you’re an established business or just getting started – your brand voice and identity is one of the most important elements of the process. Think of your brand as a book and your voice is the cover page. If your audience doesn’t “get” it, you may have lost them for good.

How can you get around that?

You need to know how to connect with your target audience the right way. To establish your voice, you should be asking yourself, "Why me? What makes me different and what kind of tone sets the stage? How does my audience look at me? What do they hear? Do I have a distinctive personality?"

Next, you need to figure out what language your audience speaks, because your brand should always cater to your customers. What are their behavioral patterns? How are you providing value, and will they want to come back for more? Why should they?

Finally, get emotional. Brands build trust through their voice and emotional connections. Their products and services satisfy an emotional need or provides an experience the customer wants. You want your voice to have them feel something. How is your brand creating powerful emotional connections? Once you find the answer to that question, you’ve cracked the code.

Connection, Communication and Emotion. These are three keys that point you in the right direction. Every element of your strategy starts with the brand voice. From content to ads and the way you engage. The key is being authentic and unique. If you can’t do that, why bother? Finding your voice doesn’t happen overnight – it takes work, but once you stay true to your identity and vision by being cohesive and consistent, you’ll be just fine.


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