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Effective Content CAN Be Conservative

When it comes to delivering content, who determines what’s good or bad? Conservative companies are always viewed as being boring or not engaging enough which couldn’t be further from the truth. So, when you think conservative, what comes to mind? Banks, insurance companies, certain clothing and shoe brands, publications, and some TV channels, right?

While most people think content has to have shock value, be emotional or push something to the limit, that’s not entirely true. There are plenty of brands engaging with their audiences because the content aligns with their brand values. In these instances, conservative content can, and does work. Times are changing, and in some ways, their brand voice is too.

Why do some brands choose to remain conservative in their content? There are a number of reasons why some brands can’t change their messaging. It could be the industry, like financial services or pharmaceuticals, which are highly regulated, or because of the red tape that occurs in large corporations. Sometimes, the marketing department doesn’t think the fight is worth it.

Many companies want to remain true to their tradition and values in their messaging, and that’s perfectly fine. If they have a conservative customer base and want to keep their current market share with this demographic, they will continue with what’s working. Additionally, B2B brands are often more conservative than B2C, so when cross-promoting, that’s a consideration.

So, how do conservative brands create engaging content?

· Humor

Humor is always welcomed – even by conservative brands. Have you seen the Allstate Insurance commercials with Mayhem and Tina Fey? Their videos and commercials make accidents and the information they’re delivering not only educational, but engaging too. It’s a perfect example of maintaining a conservative approach that makes audiences smile.

· Data

While talking about data may not be interesting to some, this demographic loves it. Blog posts, infomercials, infographics, white papers and everything else falls under this category. Companies that embrace this and provide a hub for everything in one place will win.

· Educate, or solve problems

Most people turn to YouTube when wanting to learn something. When you want to know how to do something, most people go to YouTube, right? This is a perfect opportunity for conservative brands who are experts in their field to capitalize on a society that wants to learn more.

· Be Human

People want to connect with brands on a deeper level. The best way to do this is by being human. Introduce the employees that help make the difference and provide resources on how you can help.

You’d be surprised how effective the messaging and content for brands many people deem conservative are doing. Why? It’s because they know their audience well and are comfortable with staying true to their brand voice. Are you at that point and utilizing the power of your brand voice? If not, it’s time to get busy.


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