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Fontastic Branding: How to Pick the Typeface that Tells Your Story

When it comes to branding, your choice of font is crucial but often flies under the radar when creating your brand identity. It's an essential tool significantly influences how your audience perceives your brand. It's like choosing the perfect pair of shoes for your outfit. You want them to be comfortable, stylish, and just right for you. These are key considerations that can help pick a typeface that makes your brand shine.

African American man working on a computer for typography

Brand Personality

Your font's style is like your brand's handshake - it says a lot about who you are. Are you the suit-and-tie type or more of a sneakers-and-jeans kind of brand? The right font should be an extension of your brand's core values and traits.


A non-negotiable aspect of any font selection is readability. You don't want to read a book in a language you don't understand, right? Your content must be legible across various platforms and at different sizes. Crisp and clear letters, whether or a billboard or a smartphone screen, don't leave your audience reaching for their glasses!


A versatile font performs well across different mediums and contexts. Your font should be as versatile as clothing for all seasons. It should adapt to various design layouts, from print materials to digital interfaces, looking good on a bag or in a tweet. It should also complement other typefaces used within your branding to maintain a cohesive look.


In a sea of brands, standing out is key. Your font should have its own flair, setting you apart from competitors that makes people take a second glance. Your typeface should be as unique as your brand's fingerprint.


Before you get too attached to a font, ensure you understand the licensing agreements. The terms of use can affect how and where you can use the font, and there may be costs involved for commercial use. It’s essential to be aware of these details upfront to avoid any legal issues down the line.


Your font should be able to say "hello" in all the languages your audience speaks. It should also be able to work well on any browser and operating system to provide a consistent user experience.


The aesthetic appeal of a font is subjective, yet it plays a critical role in attracting and retaining your audience's attention. The right font should harmonize with other design elements and contribute positively to the overall aesthetic of your brand.

Trendiness vs. Timelessness

Consider whether you're seeking a contemporary font that captures current design trends or a timeless typeface that promises longevity. Striking a balance between being modern and enduring can be challenging but rewarding for your brand in the long run.

Cultural Connotations

Fonts come with their own baggage - cultural and historical ties that can speak volumes. Make sure yours is telling the right story and not accidentally offending someone. It's important to choose a typeface that resonates with your target audience and doesn't carry unintended connotations.

Font Family Availability

A comprehensive font family offers a variety of weights and styles, giving you the flexibility to create dynamic, engaging content and the creative freedom to express all sides of your brand personality.

Keep these tips in your back pocket when you're looking for the perfect font. It's all about finding that sweet spot where clarity meets personality Remember, the right font is a crucial component of your brand's story and success.


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