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I'm trying to name my business. Who knew it would be this hard?

I've heard that I should go through an entire process before even figuring out my business name. Supposedly, this is to make sure I'm aligned with my brand's core. Interesting... I thought you could just pull it out of a hat because you liked the way it sounds. While some people do that, especially with a personal brand, I'm trying to do something different.

Is naming a business really that hard? They say your business name is crucial because you only get one time to make an impression. That’s a lot to digest, and what does it really mean? I know making decisions as a business owner is a lot, but all of this for a business name? This is what I was told:

  • Because it’s the first thing people see, it has one of the highest functions in my company. It’s the first thing people find out about my business – it’s what will be on any ads I do, it’s going to be part of my domain, and it will most likely be the basis of some people’s impression.

  • It tells a lot about my business. When your business name aligns with your purpose, it tells people a lot about your business, your products, and a few other things. My name may actually have them wanting to know more.

  • It creates my niche in the business space. My name helps establish my position in the industry, and the best names stand out in authority, expertise, and trust.

Getting Started

So, how do I start creating a great, memorable business name? First, does it make sense for my business and is it easy to remember? What about spelling? Do I want to confuse people and send them somewhere else? Is the domain available? What about the social handles? Is someone else using the name? Is it trademarked?

This is very overwhelming but it’s true – good business names speak volumes. There are some business name generators out there, but I’d rather start with how I feel about my business. That means I need to get started on my brand purpose, vision, mission, values, personality, and brand voice. This will help point me in the right direction to choosing a name that suits my brand well.

There are some tips to selecting a brand name, but I’ll discuss that later. Time to put my thinking cap on. #brandbuilding #businessnaming

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